7 Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

The sun is blazing hot and the traffic is terrible. You know what that means! School is back in session. That also means that there are hundreds of 18 year olds wandering an unfamiliar town lost and confused. They don't know how to drive or even walk down a sidewalk. Their parents aren't there to [...]

Brotherly Love

Dear J, My little brother starts college this week. It’s pretty crazy. I still remember him as that little baby I grew up with in a trailer in Somerville. He used to run around in nothing but a diaper and little baby cowboy boots. He would love to run around the woods with me and [...]

Fear of Success?

To Whom it May Concern, I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about what holds people back from going after their dreams. Well not necessarily going after them, but accomplishing them. I think people are really good at putting plans into action to go after what they want, they just have a hard time seeing [...]