Even my Betta Is Lonely on Valentine’s Day

Sad bettaFor some people, Valentine’s day is a happy day filled with love and gifts. For the rest of us, it’s just another reminder that out lonely lives are one day closer to their lonely ends. We wake up to no new texts, no flowers or cards or whatever, nothing. We have to watch our coworkers get gifts and singing grams delivered and pretend to be happy for them. We have to pretend “Galentine’s Day” and “Singles Awareness Day” are funny jokes. It sucks.

Apparently it’s not any better in the animal world.

When betta fish want to mate, they make a nest of bubble and then the female swims through it and gets pregnant or something like that. Well when I got into work today, i saw the saddest thing. I guess The Real Swim Shady knew it was Valentine’s Day and thought he could get himself a mate. Around the edges of his bowl were frothy bubble nests. I didn;t have the heart to tell him he’d be alone for what is probably his first and last (hopefully not last) Valentine’s Day on this earth. He just keeps swimming around longingly.

It’s ok, little buddy. I’ve spent 23 of them alone. Hopefully you do die actually because it never sucks any less.


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