Come Sail Away

grapevine lake

Dear J,

The lake was so peaceful this weekend. I went out there to take pictures while I visited my parents at their new apartment. If I didn’t have to bring two pizzas back to my family I would’ve stayed out there all day watching the airplanes fly and the sailboats pass by. I got a lot of good pictures for my all-time favorite missionary’s polaroid album. The water was real nice and the beaches and dock weren’t crowded like they were in Waco. I got some pictures of boats on the dock and some of ducks and geese that were running around. For some reason, the hardest picture to get was of a hibiscus. I couldn’t get it quite centered like I wanted it to but I needed that flower to be in the book so I tried a few times. It only took about three times to get a picture I thought would be good enough for the book.

Cameron Park Zoo

On the way home, I stopped by the Cameron Park Zoo, the Aggie Barn, and the Bush Library. It was pretty hot at the zoo and I didn’t get very good pictures but it was still cool to get to walk around and see all the animals. Usually I’m out there sweating and volunteering and don’t really get to take it all in. Elephants are my favorite and I wish they had been closer so I could’ve gotten a good picture but they were pretty far away. Also, did I mention that it was HOT?

The Aggie Barn

aggie barn

On the way from Waco to College Station, there’s an Aggie barn that’s painted maroon and white and has class years on it. My mom got an iconic photo of it for me when my class year (2017) was painted on it. On my way back to College Station, I pulled on the side of the road and snapped a polaroid of it for my missionary’s book. I used my last picture for it. I kind of want to keep it but I’ll give it to her.

George Bush Library

george hw bush statue

For reasons I’m not too caught up on, George H.W. Bush decided that Aggieland was the perfect place to build his presidential library. I’m glad he did, I just think it’s a weird relationship. Anyway, he’s got a real nice library out here. I’ve been to it a few times. This past weekend I went over there to take some pictures for my missionary’s album. I got a pretty good picture of the front of the museum, the statue of George H.W. Bush, and the horse statue that’s got a piece of the Berlin Wall on it.

Sloppy Performance

at&t stadium

All in all it was pretty good weekend. Except for that game put on by the Aggies. We should have put the whoopin’ on Arkansas. We should’ve wrecked em. We should’ve left hogs battered and bruised all over Jerry’s World. But after running back the opening kickoff for a touchdown, all we managed to do was squeak out a 7 point win. It was such an ugly game. Jimbo even had to grab a player by the facemask to keep him from acting stupid. We won’t get back in the Top 25 after that but we won and I guess that’s what matters.

Hopefully Kentucky takes it easy on us next weekend.


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