A Bunch of Murdered Texans

Here We Go

In the past few weeks, there have been a few gruesome stories of Texans getting murdered. There are a few ways to look at each of these incidents and, just like everyone else, I’ve got some opinions. I’ll line them out here and in my podcast (probably on Sunday). If you have anything to add, please leave a comment, contact me/send me an email, or tweet at me.

Wrong Apartment – Officer Amber Guyger vs. Botham Jean

amber guyger botham jean

The first one I want to talk about is the police officer who walked into her neighbor’s apartment thinking it was her own and then killed the guy in it. A lot of things went wrong that night. If even one of them would have turned out differently, this man’s life could have been spared.

  1. Officer Guyger parked on the wrong floor – if she had parked on the right floor, it follows that she would have went to the right apartment.
  2. Botham Jean’s door was cracked – if Officer Guyger would have had to use her key to try to get in, she would have been tipped off that maybe she was at the wrong door. She also wouldn’t have been under the suspicion that her apartment was being broken into.
  3. The lights were off – maybe if the lights were on, former Officer Guyger would have noticed that she was in the wrong place and that Botham Jean wasn’t ransacking the place. He was probably getting a snack from the kitchen or something.

If any of these small details had went the other way, an innocent man wouldn’t have lost his life. Unfortunately, he wasn’t that lucky. We’ll see if the manslaughter charges against former Officer Guyger are upped to murder. I highly doubt any of us would get off easy if we were to walk into our neighbor’s house on accident and put two in his chest.

Shirtless Shootout – Father/Son vs. Mattress Man

father son shooting

A shirtless father/son duo got into a fight with a man over some trash that escalated to them shooting him with a handgun and a shotgun after he threatened to kill them and then came at them with a baseball bat. Now if I asked you where this took place, you’d probably say “Florida”. And 9 times out of 10 you’d be right. But this time it happened in Texas.

I probably wouldn’t kill anyone over a mattress but I also wouldn’t threaten to kill a crazy redneck holding a handgun and his son holding a shotgun while I’m standing there holding nothing. I for sure wouldn’t bring a baseball bat to a gunfight. It’s hard to say who was in the wrong here because everyone in the video (there’s a video) seems like an idiot. Here’s how I’d rank them by idiocy:

  1. Guy who got shot – WHY WOULD WOULD ATTACK ARMED MEN WITH A BASEBALL BAT? OVER A MATTRESS? That’s how you get shot in the face.
  2. The guy’s wife – You’re really going to stand there and record the death of you husband rather than tell him “hey these hillbillies are crazy. Maybe we should go inside and call the cops”?
  3. The shirtless son – technically it seems like he was just defending his dad but he also shot the guy AFTER his dad shot him so the courts will most likely hold that against him.
  4. The shirtless dad – killed a man over a mattress basically but also because he came at him with a baseball bat

Now this case has also caused people to share a lot of wrong opinions on Facebook so let me clear some things up:

-Texas is an open carry state. Those guys can carry their guns wherever they want as long as there are no 30.06/30.07 or 51% signs.

-Texans have no duty to retreat before using deadly force.

-People keep saying “that doesn’t look like their home, vehicle, or workplace” but because the to points above, it doesn’t need to be. Texans can basically carry their guns anywhere and protect themselves from threats at any time.

Rolled by the Tide (Again) – Texas A&M vs. Bama

tamu bama football

After an extremely close game to Clemson, I thought Texas A&M had a shot at playing tough against Bama. I don’t know why I thought that. If there’s been one constant in all my time as an Aggie, it’s that the Aggies will always let you down. Doesn’t matter what sport. They’ll always get your hopes up just to crush them. Except for our women’s soccer team. They are consistently phenomenal.

We’ll see how the rest of the season goes. My predicitons:

Arkansas – W

Kentucky – W

South Carolina – W

Mississippi State – W

Auburn – L

Ole Miss – W



RECORD: 8-4 as usual

And then we’ll play some low-tier bowl game and lose to some ACC team to end 8-5.

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