Saturday Night Fever

Dear J,

Sorry this letter’s late. I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m going to start trying to put headers before each section of my letters. That should save you from having to power through a bunch of rambling and nonsense. There will still be plenty of nonsense, though. But we’ll try this out for a little bit and if it ends up not working out, I’ll switch it up.

It’s Jimbo Time


COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK! I’ve been waiting for seems like an eternity to say those words. Life between the final touchdown of the championship game and the first kickoff of the season was basically a sham. Now it’s the real deal. We can all stop pretending like we’re happy and actually BE happy! Plus, it’s JIMBO TIME! The big question is, is he worth $75 million? We’ll find out this season. Hopefully we don’t end up 8-5 again. I don’t think my Fightin’ Texas Aggie heart can take it. I really wanted Dabo Swinney to come here instead and I’m sort of getting my wish this weekend. Too bad he’ll probably be murdering us on the field. It can’t be any worse than blowing a 30+ point lead like we did last year to UCLA. Can it?

Big Man Off Campus

Also, since school’s back in session, my friends are all back! It was pretty lonely over the summer with only my roommate and his rabbit to hang out with. Living in a college town sucks sometimes if you don’t go tot the college anymore. The good part, though, is that there’s barely any traffic when all the students are gone. But then you have no one to hang out with if your friends are students. I got to see the missionaries some but they were usually busy ministering to lost souls and I didn’t want to interfere with that. Somebody’s gotta do the Lord’s work. But it has been good to see everybody. I’ve been trying to get more involved in group activities even though being in big groups makes me uneasy. Maybe I’ll get over it.

Could You Take My Picture?

I’ve been working on a little project lately. I’m going to go visit my favorite missionary next weekend and I didn’t want to show up empty handed. I love giving people gifts, especially when I know it’s something they’ll like. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give even though most people don’t notice. This missionary loves photography so I figured a gift related to photography would be perfect. She’s also been sent to a rough part of Texas for her next mission ward and it’s taken a toll on her happiness with our great state. I have an Instax camera and decided for her gift that I would put together a polaroid photo album of nice Texas things and things that would remind her of College Station. Maybe she’ll look at the pictures with fondness and it’ll make her miss us. I don’t want anyone to leave Texas without loving it. Except hippies.


I hope everything’s going well for you, J. It sucks talking to you when you can’t talk back but one day that’ll change. I’ll try to send the letter on time next time. Sorry.

I miss you.


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